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Nano-crystalline diamond thin films (NCD) and customised nano-diamond particles on implants and bone graft substitutes for improved biocompatibility, hydrophilicity, healing (osseointegration/soft tissue attachement), corrosion protection, passivation of metal ions as well antibacterial surface

AFM-images: left: pure titanium, right: biocompatible nano-crystalline diamond coating accelerating healing of bone or soft tissue and corrosion protection.

NCD-coatings are applied on dental implants and hip implants. Nano-diamond particles are utilized for modification of bone graft substitutes (based on ceramics and polymers) to improve vascularization for bone healing therapy large bone defects.


- Laura Bassi Centre DiaLife: www.dialife.org

Development/production of new implant surfaces for improved osseointegration and healing of soft tissue, simple, stable functionisation, antibacterial surfaces

- VascuBone: www.vascubone.fraunhofer.eu

Development/production of customised bone graft substitutes based on nano-technology for healing therapy for large bone defects

Cooperation partner

- CarbonCompetence GmbH: www.carboncompetence.com

- University of Bergen: Prof. Kamal Mustafa, current project: 3DPRENT: www.tissueengineering.no

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customized implant surfaces and 
scaffolds based on nano-coating 
technology, non-active implantable 

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